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Urea in cattle feed

Add a urea supplement designed by Kimtec to cattle feed to guarantee high-quality milk. These supplements can be found in our NPN-SR line. The supplements are specifically designed for cows and slowly release the urea into the rumen. This makes sure that your cattle stays in the best possible health.

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Add non-protein nitrogen with a urea supplement in cattle feed

When the rumen of your cattle performs better, your cattle will perform better. That is why you should use an urea supplement for cattle. The urea in cattle feed makes the rumen work more efficiently and slowly supplements it with extra nitrogen, which leads to better performance and can partially substitute other nitrogen sources. This way you can both improve your cattle’s health and cut down in ration costs with Kimtec’s sustainable NPN-SR supplements. When supplementing urea, it is important that you release the urea slowly and over hours in the rumen, as direct release can negatively affect their health. Kimtec provides you with the right amount of slow release urea you need to add to the feed of your cattle, and advices you on how to get the most out of every supplement.

Use a urea supplement for your cattle, designed by Kimtec

At Kimtec, we work every day to provide you with high-quality supplements for your cattle. These supplements improve the health and performance of your cattle and help to reduce feeding costs. That is why you should order urea supplements for your cattle at Kimtec. We keep improving our products every day and deliver them to countries all around the world.

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Do you want to know more about urea in cattle feed and how to order supplements from Kimtec? Feel free to contact us at 0031 167 522121. One of our specialists will happily tell you more about the possibilities. Do you need other supplements to improve the health and performance of you cattle? View our products.

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