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Twisted stomach in cows

A twisted stomach in cows is dangerous and can lead to cattle death. Abomasal displacement in cattle can be attributed to many different factors. However, a healthy and consistent diet is the best way to prevent it. This also helps prevent other common diseases such as ketosis that increase the likelihood of a cow developing abomasal displacement.

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Establish a healthy diet to prevent a twisted stomach in your dairy cows

A twisted stomach in cows is when the cow’s abomasum rises from the gastric floor to the top of the abdomen, blocking the digestive tract. Kimtec has been developing feed supplements to help farmers keep their cattle in optimal condition for 25 years and prevent conditions such as abomasal displacement in cattle. Our R&D department continuously keeps improving our products.

We help you keep a healthy herd

To help keep cattle healthy and prevent abomasal displacement, we have developed, KatAn anionic salts and ProGlyc energy suppliers to prevent milk fever and ketosis. Dairy cows suffering from milk fever or ketosis are at higher risk for abomasal displacement. These products are the result of thorough testing and research. However, we know that you may have a personal preference when it comes to your supplements. That is why we offer customization services for your feed supplements to prevent a twisted stomach in cows. We are also open to listen to any advice or suggestion regarding the developing of new products. Feel free to contact us at the following number: 0031 167 522121.

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