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The annual transition of a dairy cow’s cycle consists of different stages. During some of these transition periods health problems or disorders can occur with your dairy cow. With a dairy cow and close up cows we have the chance to prevent problems and disorders, such as hypocalcaemia or milk fever. As dairy farm owner or dairy consultant, you obviousy want to prevent these health problems. To prevent health related issues you can count on Kimtec International B.V. We specialize in developing and producing high-quality feed additives and supplements for the animal feed industry. Our feed additives and supplements are specifically suited for the high producing dairy or transition cow to prevent disorders and other problems. With our problem-solving attitude and our production under high-quality control standards like GMP and HACCP, you can expect unique and state of the art products. At Kimtec International B.V., our goal has always been to supply economical feasible products that support and improve animal health, for example the health of dairy cows, and reduce feeding costs.

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Establishing good animal health by providing the transition cow and close up cows high-quality additives

As stated before, the annual dairy cow’s cycle consists of different stages. During some of these periods, health problems can occur. Especially close up cows require extra attention is . During these stages health problems often occur as dairy cows start lactating. Such problems can occur due to a high increase in energy requirement but a low increase in energy intake or sudden increases in calcium demand. Serious health problems or disorders are often observed with a transition cow or a dairy cow, such as ketosis or milk fever, and can be prevented by giving the feeding urea to your cows. As a consequence, both clinical and subclinical health problems and disorders of the transition cow, dairy cow or close up cows can be strongly reduced. At Kimtec International B.V., we provide different products suitable for various health problems, including:

  • ProGlyc 55®
  • KatAn Topdress®
  • KatAn 10.000®
  • KatAn 13.000® (Kimtec America only)
  • Rumen Protected Amino Acids

Ketosis, for example, can be treated or prevented with ProGlyc 55®. An increased calcium requirement, leading to hypocalcemia, can be met with the use of our KatAn® product. Adding our supplements to close up cows or a transition cow, helps establish proper animal health and maintaining high producing dairy cows so they don’t get problems or disorders.

Why choose products developed and produced by our experts?

At Kimtec International B.V., we develop and produce our feed additives and supplements with the utmost care. Moreover, we develop and produce our products in accordance with a quality system, conform HACCP and GMP requirements . Our products are unique around the world. By choosing our feed additives and supplements, you choose high-quality products made by a real specialist in the animal feed industry. Moreover, our products deliver the desired results. Close up cows benefits from using additives and supplements by Kimtec International B.V.

Use our shipment around the world

All our products are produced and developed in our own facilities. Are you interested in using the products made by our experts to prevent problems or disorders, like metabolic disorders, with your dairy or transition cow? We ship our products all around the world, to a local organization or distributor. Do you have any questions? We are happy to help you. Please contact us by calling us at 0031-167-522121.

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