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Sustainable dairy farming

Kimtec enables sustainable dairy farming though the development of premium feed supplements with innovative coatings. We have years of experience in the development of quality supplements to help farmers keep their cattle happy, healthy and at peak performance. These supplements contribute to sustainable farming by facilitating excellent feed management.

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Sustainable dairy farming through feed supplements

Effective feed management contributes to sustainable dairy farming and healthy cattle. To help farmers with their feed management, Kimtec produces high-quality supplements for cattle. For instance, our ProGlyc energy supplying products help prevent ketosis by keeping glucose levels sufficiently elevated. Subclinical ketosis can lead to big economical losses which is neither sustainable for farmers nor for the environment.

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Our slow release urea products facilitate sustainable dairy farming by providing cattle with an environmentally friendly source of nitrogen. Unlike pure urea, our sustainable NPN-SR slowly releases nitrogen in the cows’ rumen which is safer and more effective. Contribute to sustainable dairy farming by using Kimtec supplements for your cattle. We have invested years of research in our products and keep researching newer and better techniques. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any personal preferences or want advice on how we can help you engage in sustainable dairy farming. Call us at 0031 167 522121.

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