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Sustainable cow nutrition

Are you looking for sustainable cow nutrition? Or do you have a dairy farm and are you looking for nutrition for your cows? Kimtec International B.V. is a specialist with years of experience in the field of development and production of feed additives and supplements. We believe it is important to ensure that your cows stay healthy. We are based in the Netherlands, but our products are distributed worldwide. As a vet or farm owner, you can use our expertise in the field of sustainable cows nutrition.

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Use our sustainable cow nutrition for your cows

At Kimtec International B.V. we specialize in the latest developments of sustainable cow nutrition that can be used by a vet or dairy farm owner for their cows. Our high-quality cows nutrition meets various requirements such as HACCP and GMP regulation. To ensure that you get the best nutrition, we spend a lot of time developing our products. Product development is an important part of Kimtec International B.V. You can find the following products developed by our research team:

  • NPN-SR
  • KatAn
  • ProGlyc

In addition to these products, you can contact us for many more. Thanks to our expertise, we have the opportunity to develop cows nutrition and adapt the supplements to your wishes. This way, you always give your cows the right nutrition or you can give your customers the best products as a vet. Do you have a cow with a metabolic disorder or do you want high producing dairy cows? Our experts are happy to help you with the right nutrition.

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Do you want to know more about our sustainable cow nutrition, or do you want to order our products for cows as a vet? Feel free to contact us at 0031-167-522121. One of our specialists will happily tell you more about the possibilities.

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