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Product development is one of the main activities at Kimtec. A high percentage of time, effort and budget is invested in research. Kimtec believes, that by keeping on top of research- and market developments it is able to offer new solutions and products for the future.

Kimtec has the possibilities to do fundamental research at Universities as well as at our premises. Most of the product development, engineering, etc. is done at the facilities of Kimtec. In this way Kimtec can keep the development costs low and offer economically feasible solutions.

The R&D team has developed several taste masking techniques. These techniques are used in products to prevent palatability issues in e.g. anionic salts. Other techniques have been developed to prevent the brake down of active ingredients in the rumen (rumen protected AA) or to prevent oxidation of instable feed ingredients (polyunsaturated fatty acids) or improve handling (hygroscopicity of calcium chloride).

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