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Propylene glycol for your cow

Propylene glycol is used in the treatment of a cow that has incurred ketosis after calving. When a cow has calved, they often have less energy. This causes a lowering of the blood glucose level, which activates the fat reserves. This combination triggers the synthesis of harmful ketones. Propylene glycol can reduce the ketosis from your cow.

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Give propylene glycol to your cow after calving

When your cow suffers from subclinical ketosis, you can treat your cow with propylene glycol in a safe and correct manner. At Kimtec International B.V., we develop feed additives and supplements to make sure that your dairy cows stay in good health. We have been doing this for over 25 years. We provide high-quality products that you buy at a feasible price. You can buy propylene glycol in powder and pellet form. With our minerals, you prevent problems after calving and make sure that your dairy cows are healthy. The last thing you need is a sick cow as a sick cow cost more than it offers.

Learn more about the possibilities

Would you like to use propylene glycol on a cow that has ketosis, but do you have no previous experience with this? Our employees will be happy to tell you all about the possibilities of this supplement. Consider the effect of the medicine, but also any side effects. Do you have any questions, or would you like more information on how to buy propylene glycol to treat your cow from ketosis? Please feel free to contact us by calling at 0031 167 522121 or by filling in our contact form.

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