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Palatable dry Propylene Glycol

ProGlyc® is a group of energy supplying products based on the active ingredient: mono propylene glycol (MPG). MPG is a glucose precursor that is very effective in the supply of blood glucose to dairy cows, goats and sheep. Especially in the close up-, fresh- and early lactation groups the ruminants are deficient in glucose. This is caused by the high glucose demand as a result of the high milkproduction (genetics) of the dairy cows. This triggers massive body fat mobilization and high keton body concentrations in the blood. This mobilization can be reduced when you feed MPG. The only problem is that the product is very unpalatable and therefor reduces DMI in close up- and fresh cows, while the goal is to optimize feed intake during this period. Kimtec has developed ProGlyc to solve this problem.

Close up & Fresh cows

At least 30-50% of all high producing dairy cows have a glucose shortage. This translates into economical loss. These cows will not start up optimal and will have lower peak milk production and therefor loss in milk production during the whole lactation period. It will also cause more secondary health problems.

ProGlyc, Mode of Action

ProGlyc 55 is a dry palatable propylene glycol (in powder and pellet form). It supplies the extra energy a cow needs. This is important at the end of the dry period and during the first 100 days of lactation. ProGlyc 55 is metabolized differently. Therefore it is transformed into glucose much faster than fat and fatty acids. The fat concentration and keton bodies in the blood are reduced and the liver is spared. This has a positive effect on milk production, fertility and health. ProGlyc 55 gives high producing dairy cows a good start. Prevent problems after calving and “slow starters”.


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Ketosis in dairy cattle? Or ketosis in ruminants? Use ProGlyc 55.


Need help with bovine ketosis? Use Proglyc to prevent subclinical ketosis in dairy cows and fatty liver cow problems.     Proglyc, based on MPG, a common ketosis treatment in cattle, helps you to prevent ketosis in dairy cattle.     Problems with ketosis in cows? Or ketosis in ruminants? Use Proglyc and prevent (sub)clinical ketosis problems!


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