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KatAn Topdress [coming soon]

A coated anionic salt top-dress solution for dry cow rations

Very recently we have added KatAn Topdress to our KatAn family of anionic salt products. KatAn Topdress, based on the aversive ammonium chloride, has such a high palatability that it can be used to top dress the feed. It is specifically developed to meet the nutrient requirements of dairy cattle. In fact, KatAn topdress can be fed purely! KatAn Topdress is one of the first top dress anionic salts for dry cow rations on the market. We are very excited to release our new product!


Meet the nutrient requirements of dairy cattle

Our KatAn Topdress formulation masks the ammonium chloride taste and thus helps to maintain a steady DMI while reducing calcium deficiency for your herd. Also, all the materials used for this product are digestible sources of energy that add to the diet of your dairy cow!


Supplement anionic salts without a premix or feed mixer

KatAn Topdress has been designed for farms which are not able to mix additives using a feed mixer. If you are looking for anionic salt products to add to your TMR, take a look at our KatAn 10.000 and KatAn 13.000 products.

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Specifications KatAn Topdress

KatAn Topdress: a coated anionic salt supplement for dry cow rations. Developed to meet the nutrient requirements of dairy cattle!

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