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KatAn 13.000
A new micro-coated ammonium chloride for your DCAB diet.

A high acidyfing potential for a healthy DCAB diet

Now, we are happy to announce a new anionic salt supplement, KatAn 13.000! Besides a high acidyfing capability, KatAn 13.000 is also protected by a microcoating. Even more, it has an improved product stability! KatAn 13.000 uses our newest cutting edge technology. In fact, It is one of the highest concentrated protected anionic salts out on the market.


KatAn 13.000 for countries outside of the EEA

Are you searching for palatable anionic salts outside of the European Economic Area? Then we strongly advise our KatAn 13.000 product. In fact, it uses one of the furthest technological advancements in coating process. Also, our coated particles are extremely well palatable with -13.088 mEq/kg.

For more technical info on KatAn 13.000, please fill out the contact form. In addition, you could take a look at the KatAn 13.000 specifications.

Are you looking for palatable anionic salt products to use within the EEA? If so, take a look at our other KatAn products such as, KatAn 10.000.


From our selection of cattle mineral supplements: our new KatAn 13.000 for a healthy DCAB diet!

Global export of high quality cattle mineral supplements

Kimtec International ships its product all over the world. Would you like to receive more information? Do you have any questions? Call us at  0031-167-522121! We are happy to provide you with answers. Also, we like to give more information on our cattle mineral supplements. At Kimtec International we have high quality and safety standards. In fact, we work in accordance with the HACCP and GMP+ quality system. Furthermore, we are always busy behind the scenes developing new products. Interested? Or do you have any questions about our research and upcoming products? Contact us!

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