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KatAn, for a healthy DCAD diet!

KatAn is a group of anionic salt products so as to reduce the DCAD of close up rations. Notably, there is a tremendous amount of scientific data. In fact, it demonstrates that anionic salts can reduce calcium shortage after calving. However, the downside is that all anionic salts have a dramatic effect on DMI. The reduced DMI can than induce ketosis.

Great palatability

Calcium and magnesium sulphate are the most palatable but also the least effective. On the other hand ammonium chloride is very effective, but in pure form also very unpalatable. All our KatAn products are currently based on ammonium chloride and therefore very effective. Kimtec has developed a technique called Masktech to eliminate the palatability issue of these salts.

KatAn cattle feed supplements

During many years of working with anionic salts, we have developed various KatAn members. We are experts at taste masking of anionic salts that maintain DMI! As a result, we now have high quality KatAn products for different purposes.

KatAn 10.000Product Information

A palatable coated anionic salt in powder form with -10.000 mEq.

KatAn 13.000Product Information

We are happy to announce a new anionic salt supplement, KatAn 13.000! With a protective micro-coating and -13.000 mEq. KatAn 13.000 uses the newest cutting edge technology. Available for countries outside of the EEA.

KatAn TopdressProduct Information

Coming soon! To be used as a palatable top dress. To our knowledge, one of the first top dress anionic salts on the market! Developed to offer smaller farms without a feed mixer a way to restore the DCAD diet of their dry dairy cows.

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