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Our dairy cow supplements

At Kimtec we put a lot of time and effort into development and innovation. As a result we have developed high quality and field tested dairy cow supplements. Most of all, we have put our time in R&D, our coating techniques and production line. Also, we are very open to discuss and to customize our products to your liking. Behind the scenes, we are always working to develop new products. At Kimtec there are many technological possibilities. We have great potential for developing the highest quality dairy cow supplements.


Our products

NPN-SRProduct Information

Our family of slow release coated urea products. These are a sustainable and cost effective non protein nitrogen source for you dairy cattle.

KatAnProduct Information

Our family of fine coated palatable anionic salt products. Specifically developed to reduce calcium deficiency in dairy cows while maintaining the DMI. Our KatAn products consist of palatable anionic salts. These surely reduce the DCAD of close up rations. Thus, they improve the cows ability to deal with the sharply increased calcium demand during calving.

ProGlycProduct Information

Proglyc is a prophylaxis and palatable MPG carrier. It helps to prevent (sub)clinical ketosis by an effective increase of blood glucose after calving. As a result, Proglyc increases the health and milk protein yield of your dairy herd while maintaining DMI.

High Safety and Quality standards

Kimtec produces feed supplements and additives. All products are produced and developed in Kimtec’s facilities and conform GMP+ and HACCP regulations. The products are shipped around the world, to a local Kimtec organization or distributor. Please contact us if you have any questions. Kimtec has a quality system, for the production process of the products which are intended for the animal feed sector. This system is in accordance with the requirements of GMP+ / HACCP. See certificate Kimtec International / Kimtec America.


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