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Non-protein nitrogen

Non-protein nitrogen is not protein but it can be converted into proteins during the process of rumination in the stomachs of cattle. The advantage is that non-protein nitrogen is much cheaper than most protein based additives. You can sharply cut your costs for feed additives for your cattle while still providing your animals with everything they need to grow properly and maximize production. Kimtec is a Netherlands based company with a strong focus on the development and production of feed additives. Here, you will find top-grade non-protein nitrogen which you can buy in the amounts you need to supply your cattle with.

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Non-protein nitrogen and other additives are produced in Kimtec’s own facilities

One of the advantages of purchasing non-protein nitrogen and other feed additives at Kimtec, is that every supplement is developed and produced within our own facilities. This means that you always buy additives that fully comply with GMP and HACCP regulations. Kimtec has a very strict quality check so that all additives are safe and benefit the animal.

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If you wish to place an order, you can do so by contacting Kimtec customer service. Tell us what you need so we can send you an exact quotation on the price. Contacting Kimtec is done by calling the following phone number: 0031-167-522121.

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