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Feeding urea to dairy cows

Feeding urea to your dairy cows can improve the health of their rumen. Also, urea is a great source of non- protein nitrogen when added to cattle diets. However, it is important to gradually release the urea in the rumen. Kimtec International B.V. has developed NPN-SR, a slow release urea for cattle. This product is the result of 25 years of experience and thorough research to help you keep your cattle in optimal health.

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Why you should be feeding urea to your dairy cows

Urea is a source of non-protein nitrogen that is used to produce protein by the microbes in the rumen of your cattle feed. This leads to a better functioning rumen and a higher performing animal. As such, feeding urea to your dairy cows is a great idea. Our slow release urea is a sustainable nitrogen option to partially substitute proteins in the cow ration. It is a cost effective supplement to add non-protein nitrogen to your dairy cows ration.

Feed our slow release urea to your cows

Kimtec International B.V. has 25 years of experience with creating effective cattle feed supplements. Our NPN-SR is used for feeding urea to dairy cows by gradually releasing it in the rumen. This slow release is important for your cattle’s health. The NPN-SR is coated with a cold-resistant coating that won’t tear after rapid temperature changes. This is the result of continuous testing and development by our R&D department. Do you wish to know more about feeding urea to your dairy cows? Or do you want us to customize your feed supplements? Do not hesitate to call us at 0031 167 522121.

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