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Dairy cow minerals

At Kimtec International you will find a Netherlands based company which specializes in the latest developments of dairy cow nutrition. Among our products we have newly developed dairy cow vitamins and dairy cow minerals to compensate for biological shortages. This results in increased health and milk production for dairy cows! Research & Development is at the top of our list which means that Kimtec International is your ideal partner for state-of-the-art dairy cow vitamin and minerals. Feel free to browse our website and contact customer service if you have any questions about the products or services on offer.

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Dairy cow minerals and other products

As a result of intensive research & development, Kimtec has a variety of top-grade products available that serve as feed additives and supplements for high producing dairy cows. Including our vitamins and minerals, the following products can be ordered for your dairy cow herd:

  • ProGlyc;
    Energy supplying products, specifically designed for close up, fresh- and early lactating dairy cows.
  • KatAn;
    Anionic salts used to prevent calcium shortage after calving.
  • Coated Urea;
    A slow rumen released non-protein nitrogen source that can be used as a partial nitrogen substitute for other protein sources.
  • Amino acids.
    Used to optimize dairy rations. Custom mixtures are possible.

The examples above are an overview of the total assortment that you can order at Kimtec International. If the dairy cow vitamin, minerals or other additives that you are looking for are not mentioned, please contact Kimtec and inquire about the possibilities. You can also contact customer service if you have any questions about our research or if you’re looking for custom made additives. You can contact customer service by calling 0031-167-522121.

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