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Customized animal feed supplements

At Kimtec we are continuously working on the development of new animal feed supplements. Following years of in-house engineering and research, we have extensive experience as product developers and researchers. Not only are we familiar and skilled with various supplementation and coating techniques, but we also understand that using animal feed supplements, comes with personal preferences. So, we are able to customize our products to your liking!

As a company, we are open to discuss your application for our products. Also, we are happy to discuss the development and potential of new products. We believe that there is a high potential in the many products we are able to develop for a variety of animals and applications. With our skill set and flexibility, we are able to develop and customize animal feed supplements that are up to your requirements!


We are up to the challenge!

Here at Kimtec, we aim to meet new supplementation and coating challenges. During our 25 years of intensive R&D we have solved many common and less common coating and feed problems for clients. We enjoy challenging projects in which we can use our scientific insight, hands-on research approach and our practical creativity.

If you haven’t yet, please take a look at our products. They consist of unique high quality products, developed by our research team. Our products have been tested extensively in practice. We ship our specialized products all across the globe. We believe that with our skills and years of expertise, we are able to help you out for your specific cattle feed supplement requirements.

Would you like to know more about the practical applications of our product, field tests? Would you like more background information? If you have any questions about our company, development process or products, please fill out our contact form or feel free to give us a call at 0031-167-522121!


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