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Specialized in Dry Cow Management & Transition cow management

We have 25 years of experience at Kimtec, developing dairy feed supplement. Our excellent in-house R&D team has spend time and effort creating high quality products for a feasible price. More specifically, we have been focussing on specialized supplements for dry cow and transition cow management. After drying off cows it is especially important to take care of dry cow management and transition cow management. Many farmers have difficulties with common problems such as ketosis in dairy cattle, milk fever in cows and dry cow management. Kimtec has developed products specifically to help with these problems.


Need help with high DCAD diets?

Often, problems with low calcium mobilization in cows occur when using a ration with a high DCAD. High DCAD diets are mainly caused by high Potassium levels in the feed. We have developed our KatAn products. A line of palatable anionic salts for close up cow management. These work specifically by lowering the DCAD of the close up cow diet, without reducing DMI. Significantly lowering the DCAD will lead to a buffer response with calcium.


Need help with poor transition?

It is a common problem in high producing dairy cows. Often problems are observed when a dry cow transitions to early lactation and faces glucose shortage. Therefore we developed ProGlyc 55. It keeps blood glucose levels up during close up, fresh and early lactation. It increases peak milk production and therefore increase milkproduction during the whole lactation.


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Improve your dry cow management and transition cow management with Kimtec’s high quality feed products. All of our products are GMP+ certified.

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Kimtec is specialized in dry cow management and transition cow managament                         Problems after drying off cows with ketosis in dairy cattle or milk fever in cows? Contact us at Kimtec International!



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