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Feed additives and supplements for high producing dairy cows


Kimtec International B.V.

Kimtec International B.V. specializes in the development and production of dairy feed additives and supplements for cows. The goal is to supply economical feasible feed additives and supplements for support and to improve the health of dairy cattle and reduce feeding costs. Our company is represented in many countries and our products are distributed globally. Are you looking for a company that can provide you with high-quality products? Or are you looking for state of the art dairy feed additives for your dairy cattle?

High-quality dairy feed additives for your cows

The feed supplements and additives that Kimtec International B.V. produces are all of high-quality, mainly because they are produced conform GMP and HACCP regulations. Consequently, they are always safe to use as nutrition for dairy cows. By using dairy feed supplements and additives for your cattle, your animals are likely to perform better while their health is supported and improved because various health related issues will be solved. We provide different products for the animal feed industry, including:

  • ProGlyc® 55: a feed supplement containing mono propylene glycol (MPG) in palatable powder form that leads to an effective increase of blood glucose and dry matter intake after calving.
    • Proglyc® 55 contains MPG which is commonly used to both treat and prevent ketosis.
    • Thanks to its palatability, ProGlyc can be fed without a reduction in DMI and can thus be used as a prophylaxis for ketosis.
  • KatAn®: a range of anionic salt products that reduce DCAD of close up rations and improve the cows ability to deal with the sharply increased calcium demand during calving.
  • Rumen Protected Amino acids: a range of products that contain rumen protected amino acids, for example methionine, lysine and specific amino acid compositions. These products are used to optimize dairy rations.
  • Coated Urea®: a slow rumen released non-protein nitrogen source that can be used as a partial nitrogen substitute for other protein sources.

Do you have your own dairy farm?

Do you own your own dairy farm and are you wondering why you should order dairy feed additives for your cows? At Kimtec International B.V., we only develop and produce high-quality, state of the art supplements and additives that are at the peak of research and market developments. These supplements and feed additives are always safe for your dairy cows, but they are also among the latest solutions in contribution to the health of your dairy cattle.

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Are you interested in our dairy feed additives for your dairy cows? We are proud to tell you we ship our products all over the world, to our local organization or distributor. Are you interested in feed supplements and additives for your dairy cattle, such as glucose precursor, developed and produced by our experts? Please contact us.

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